Pets and their health benefits

We have all noticed the trend over the past few years how pets are comiing more into our lives as therapy assistants. They induce a feeling of calm, and this can apply to either cat or dog, and the love that we gove them is uncondiotionally returned tenfold. 
In Australia, and I am not sure where else in the world, There are specially trained animals, usually dogs, for use with mental health sufferers, such as PTSD, our war veterans especially and those in the emergency services, such as police, fire, SES, and nursing staff can now have access to such dogs. These professionals are faced with trauma in one form or another on a daily basis. They need an outlet to get their feelings of normality back, as they in their ‘down’ times could suffer self harm or harm others close to them.

Even some employers in the general business sector are now allowing animals into the workplace as a method of increasing productivity, and keeping their employees in their positions, rather than leaving for greener pastures.

The dogs that are trained  to act as mentors for mental health sufferers, are specifically trained for the purpose.

Now, if you have a pet, treasure it, care for it, and it will return the favour ten fold.

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