Old Blanket? Reuse it

From the bedroom to the outside, there are many ways an old blanket or blankets can be re-used when they are past their warm by date. Here are just a few.

  • From the bedroom– if it is a bit thin, double it over and make it thicker. If it is a double bed blanket this will then make a single bed blanket, if it is a single bed blanket then this will make a cot blanket. In my book “frugal fantasies”you will find numerous crafty ideas to use on blankets. 
  •  Hail blanket. If you are in an area prone to hail storms, get a few (I would suggest more than 2) old blankets together, if you wish they can be sewn together, then use to throw over your beloved vehicle so that hail stones doné dent it.
  • Ironing blanket
    Old blankets on a table make a good ironing surface. Cover with a sheet for smoother surface,then iron clothing on top of that. This is great if you are short on space or do not have a regular ironing table. Be sure not to leave the iron on in reach of children whilst you are ironing , as this can cause serious burns, or even fires.
  • Pet blanket. Whilst it may not be warm enough for you, do not forget about the furry member of the family, they deserve to be warm as well. There are some more ideas on pets and blankets in my frugal fantasies book.
  • Indoor cubby house
    Who remembers using old blankets thrown over tables and chairs and hiding beneath them in a cubby house? They can be a vital part of winter fun when it is too cold outside to play. Keeps the kids amused for hours as they fantasise about growing up, or even about fairies and goblins( now I am really showing my age!!LOL)
    Once again be VERY aware that whilst pure wool does not burn, many of the blankets these days are of a flammable material ( which should be stated on the tags that go with them) so do not build your cubby house too close to the heat source in your home.


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