A Formplex clad home? Read this

There is a LOT of hype in the media around the flammable cladding on these high rise buildings in the capital cities and rightly so.

Formplex cladding  IS NOT The cladding referred to.

However, for those that do not know what the Formplex weatherboard is made from, I have received the following reassurance from Formplex.
“Hello Wendy and Others that may be concerned. Formplex uPVC weatherboard is fire retardant. That means it won’t hold a flame.
Timber Weatherboard is Fuel.
That means it will burn until gone.
The Melbourne cladding that burned was imported aluminium composite with a polyethyline core.

Formplex Weatherboards are uPVC Poly Vinyl Chloride and will not support a flame itself.
Some profiles have an EPS foam insulation with a flame inhibitor. Formplex boards are tested to BAL 29 .”

Hope this helps some people who may have or are thinking of having Formplex on their homes.
It is a great cladding, no need to paint anymore, insulates and it is also a frugal way to clad your home as the upkeep is low, because it requires NO painting, saving you money and the effort involved.

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