A tasty healthy stew.

Kitchen gurus have made themselves a lot of money over the years by selling their cooking skills. They may not be experts at anything, but are very good salesmen/women. Some very ordinary cooks could probably do just as good a job but without the hype.

I am not saying they cannot cook, just that others can probably do just as good a job but only earn a smidgen of the income for doing it.
These gurus also have the art of display down to a fine point. This apparently is the style of a good chef. Of course, if a meal looks attractive people will pay the price to eat it.

I am not a chef, just an ordinary working class grandmother whom my daughter accuses of “Always burning stuff”. (LOL)

She was not wrong in my early cooking experiences, I would overcook things to a degree. That had the distinct cause of multitasking to the extreme.

Running a small business, supervising homework, answering the phone as well as preparing meals. This would take its toll on the meal being prepared at the time.

The items are measured out in quantities, and then prepared and cooked or served.

As the body gets older, it slows down, the intake of food is not as huge as it was, nor is it needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a stew/ casserole I make up quite frequently in the winter time to cover our dinner requirements.

Onion – diced – about 100g
Meat – usually prime mince about 300g. OR
Chicken – diced breast – about 300g.

Vegetables-  about 300g of each. These could be potatoes, zucchini, spinach, cabbage, carrot, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, beans, capsicum.
These vary in variety as to what is available and what is economical at the time. 
Seal the meat and onion before adding all the other ingredients. 
Add water and some seasoning, ( I do add some garlic, turmeric, a touch of cayenne) but you add to your taste.
I also sometimes add a four of five bean mix or sweet corn to the mix – usually the whole  can of each- or fresh corn if you can get it.
The beans go with the beef mince, and the corn with the chicken.

Simmer and cook for about an hour on medium heat. Thicken with your choice of gravy maker or plain cornflour with beef stock added. Taste test to check whether vegetables are cooked to your liking.
Serve into 260 gram serves. This combination for us makes up about 10 serves.
Freeze what is not used on the night in separate containers and that will be for 9 more individual meals or 4 more shared dinners for two.


To prepare the stew for eating easily, once frozen.
Remove stew in container(s) from Freezer. Allow to thaw slightly only so as they free up from the sides of container, but are still frozen in the main.
Tip upside down into container for reheating in microwave  (we use ramekins).
The stew will fall into the ramekin or dish cleanly with no residue on the side of the container thus making sure you get the full amount and it also saves the remainder being washed down the sink (or dishwasher). After thawing out then heat in microwave to your taste for heat. Try not to scald your tongue. Depending on the microwave instructions heat as desired.portions of stew ready for the freezer

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