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I will repeat this at the start of every relevant post- IF you are really struggling- seek the help of a professional consultant in the field you need most help.

These are just  a few ideas to take in BEFORE you need the assistance of the professional- thus again saving money.

Do you feel that life is all to quickly slipping by out of control? The problems you have with the lack of money out strip any other issues in your life and are probably causing a lot of the negativity there as well. The saying “It is only money after all” comes to mind here. Yes, it is only money, not your health, but the two are intertwined in a lot of ways.

You may need to just take a big breath, grab a coffee or tea, or other favourite drink, (preferably not alcohol)

Then settle down in your favourite chair and read this. It will be good for your health, your mental health for starters.

I did not go into this particular blog topic too much before I started writing.

The idea came, I am glad to say,  to compare my thoughts with those of other more qualified people in the universe.

Here is one such person. Claudia Hammond. This lady is a psychology lecturer and broadcaster. She has written the following, and I have obtained this from the following website.

abc – health wealth & happiness

Claudia Hammond

recently published a book in which she argues a better understanding of our relationship with money can help us grasp how it affects our thinking and behaviour. During her research, she looked at hundreds of studies and discovered ways we can get a better handle on our money, and the impact it has on our health and happiness.

This was the beginning of the article. The surveys covered a broad group of people. The results showed those who had suddenly gained financial freedom were no happier after time than what they were before the win. Other research also states that money can come and go, but happiness stays constant.


This is my opinion on that article now. Sure money can come and go and happiness can remain the same. Now, how did the recipients of that large windfall spend their money? To become financially independent is the dream of most people who live in the developed countries of the world.

If they had purchased their lifelong dream of a home and a reliable vehicle. Did they give all or some to charity or close deserving relatives?. Would that have not made them feel happier for longer?

Then you have this study below also taken from the same article.

But when you look at those living in poverty, a different picture emerges.

“In a given society, people with money in a society tend to be happier than those who don’t have enough. “

“The people with more money are, on average, happier than the people with less money. They have less to worry about because they are not worried about where they are going to get food or money for their accommodation or whatever the following week,” Ms Hammond said.

But even taking this into account, people massively overestimate the happiness money brings. “So if you ask people to guess how happy somebody on a low salary is and how happy somebody on a high salary is we tend to think that people earning loads must be really, really happy all the time and that people earning a little must be miserable all the time. It’s just not the case at all.”

This would be true of course, because everybody is not happy all of the time regardless of how much money they have in the bank.

Ostensibly farmers and farm work, while take high costs to run, usually survive on much less than the average manager of a big business. One only has to look at the drought and how that has affected a lot of the farming community. Most farmers are still happy living on the land, but there are those that are really suffering and today’s media tend to concentrate on them.

People get ill, they have relatives who are ill, they have relatives who have passed away- all of these things contribute to the mental well being of a person. Here is another booklet that could help in this situation. It is available on Amazon

the gifts of imperfection

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