Architectural Digest- June 1996 All American Country Houses

This A4 sized magazine was imported from America and purchased in a Melbourne Newsagency back in 1996. It has been well used and displays all American country houses The features are - Midwestern Farmhouse with a country soul ;Seaside harmonies...Read More

11 tips on Frugality for FREE!!

Lets get straight to the point(s) here.This is how you clean up and save. Do not hoard stuff. Everything either has a use or is discarded into the appropriate rubbish bin. This then lets you see what is there and...Read More

Is this a relationship you can handle? Read On.

Financially you have hit rock bottom, but there is this strange feeling of calm over you. Is that because you feel that you cannot get any lower so why fight it? Do you feel that life is all to quickly...Read More

Can’t lose weight- you could have syndrome X

Another book from Dr. Sandra Cabot,explains what Syndrome X is,how diet can improve the chances of a healthier lifestyle, claimed that the ONLY diet book that looks at ALL the hidden and medical reasons why people cannot lose  weight,Syndrome X...Read More